A1 Syllabus

Topic 1

How to talk about yourself, how to introduce yourself, and get introduce to people. Asking their names, where they live, where they are from, age, languages, countries.

GRAMMAR: German articles

Topic 2

Talking about describing cities, places, and famous buildings in cities. Also about transport and directions.

GRAMMAR: Declension of Noun

Topic 3

Conversation about hobbies, friends, family, profession, weekdays, months, dates, time.

GRAMMAR: Nominative and Accusative Cases

Topic 4

Discuss about food and drink, how it tastes, different food items, and placing an order in a restaurant, and paying bills. Groceries, stores, and prices.

GRAMMAR: Negation with “kein/e/er”

Topic 5

Hobbies, habits, planning some activities together, talking about places or programs to go out.

GRAMMAR: Dative Case

Topic 6

Talk about day-to-day routine, Talk about the weekly or monthly schedule, using verbs, framing questions.


Topic 7

Communication at the workplace, talking with colleagues, writing emails, talking about the work schedule, meetings, and telephonic communication.

GRAMMAR: Personal Pronouns

Topic 8

Types of houses and house rents, apartments, furniture, renting a house in Germany, describing house or apartment, how to use adjectives.

GRAMMAR: Prepositions

Topic 9

How to shop; types of shops; online shopping; talking about shops; going to a mall; buying things and clothes, size, shape, colour, brands.

GRAMMAR: Conjugation of Verbs in Present Tense

Topic 10

How to talk about health, communicating with the doctor, fixing appointments at the doctor, discussing health issues, talking about diet plans.

GRAMMAR: Separable and Inseparable Verbs

Topic 11

Travel, Tickets booking, hotels. Hotel and services, Tourist places in various countries.

GRAMMAR: Conjugation of Verbs in Present Perfect

Topic 12

Similar topics which enhance your language skills.

GRAMMAR: Modal Verbs

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Difficulty Level :- Basic User
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