A2 Syllabus

Topic 1

Around Eating- Talk about food & restaurant, Eating habits, introduction about yourself and other people.

GRAMMAR: Possessivartikel im dativ, Reflexive verben

Topic 2

After School- Learn about the German school system. Determine about various types of schools in Germany. Furthermore, Understanding and giving tips about the city.   

GRAMMAR: Wechselpräpositionen

Topic 3

Media – Advantages and disadvantages of social media, observation about motion pictures.

GRAMMAR: Komparativ and Superlativ

Topic 4

Discuss about food and drink, how it tastes, different food items, and placing an order in a restaurant, and paying bills. Groceries, stores, and prices.

GRAMMAR: Negation with “kein/e/er”

Topic 5

Day today life- Learning about ticket counters and train travel, expressing career aspirations, working worlds. 

GRAMMAR: Verb werden, Präpositionen

Topic 6

Pretty Mobile- Expressing uncertainty, newspaper article, All about travel, trip information

GRAMMAR: Lokale Präpositionen , Indirekte fragen

Topic 7

Learned is learned- understanding about everyday working life, radio reports, learning problems, presentation making. 

GRAMMAR: Genitive case, Temporal präpositionen

Topic 8

Zeal and enthusiasm experience- How to express enthusiasm, hope and disappointments formulation of consequences.

GRAMMAR: Verben mit  dativ und akkusativ

Topic 9

Living together- How to complain, apologize, talk about pets, write and correct a story (story making). 

GRAMMAR: Konjunktiv 2 

Topic 10

Good Entertainment- Talk about various styles of music, concert ticket, a musician, band , and all about entertainment. 

GRAMMAR: Interrogative Artikel , Relativsätze im Nominativ 

Topic 11

How the time flies – talk about desires, express wishes, plan together something, give advice.

GRAMMAR: W-fragen mit präpositionen,  konjunktiv 2

Topic 12

Behavioral science- Information about different cultures, talk about behavior, appropriate solutions. Talk about cliché’s

GRAMMAR: Relativsätze im Akkusativ

Duration :- 12 weeks
Difficulty Level :- Basic User
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